Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sasuke Cosplay Hair

Sasuke Cosplay Hair
Authentic Sasuke Cosplay Hair

Sasuke Cosplay Hair
Sasuke Cosplay Hair Wig

Sasuke Cosplay Hair: Dye your hair black or get a medium length wig.

If you're not using a wig, grow your hair until it almost reaches your chin, or longer if you prefer. Use wax or hair gel to spike the back of your hair. make sure you have hair framing your face. Use mousse for the front parts if you really want to replicate his look. This takes practice, if you're not used to it. If the wig is too long, you can always trim it.


  1. Wearing a cosplay wigs ofcourse give you a different look but if someone really want to enjoy the real cosplay, then one can easily grow their hair as per their requirement and give different look with the cosplay costume...Thanks for the suggestion as well as the post....


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